4 Areas of Personalized
Break Through Coaching / Mentoring / Consultation Programs



Offered at my Atlanta, GA headquarters, at your site,
and (some services)remotely via phone or Skype.


Personal and Professional Growth and Developmenent
- helping you achieve your personal and professional goals and lead your life on purpose.

 Parenting Solutions
- helping you achieve your goals with your children in the context of a harmonious, balanced home life and a loving, joyful relationship with your kids.

Marriage and Relationship Help
- Helping you to achieve your relationship goals and resolve chronic, toxic conflict patterns for a return to love, harmony, mutual growth and understanding.

Teen Motivational Mentoring
- Does your teen appear unmotivated, unfocused, unhappy or drifting? I'll coach and train him/her in the 7 Mindsets for extraordinary happiness, optimism, emotional resiliance and success.


Contact me to set up a time to discuss your needs.


Click here to hear me being interviewed, providing parenting solutions that you probably have never heard or thought of for raising respectful children.  


"Bob is an amazing guy and has helped me grow as a dad with
3 kids and all that that life demands." K. Caldwell


"Thank you for helping me to see the power of love in raising our twin toddlers, that we can really enjoy our children and guide them. Your wisdom astounded both me and my husband. Thank you for helping me see how wonderful our children already are!" K Newington


"Our couples' consultation helped me see how my anger was in the way of receiving the love I long for. You're work is such a blessing." J. Albright  


"Thank you for touching our lives in such a profound way. We especially thank you for reconnecting with Jeremy and helping us to see through some of the barriers we were responsible for. He seems so happy lately. He is making more friends at school as well. His grades and study habits have steadily improved and he enjoys seeing the fruits of his efforts. Thank you for reminding us how special our children are to us and how special each day is as well. We know you really do care about your clients and we will always value your strengths that you have shared with us.   May God continue to bless you."   L. Sanusi   



My Teen Motivational Mastery Talks and Seminars are available for your school or youth group.


"It took just one hour with you to see how I have been denying myself of the success and fulfillment I have been struggling to attain for two decades, how I have been looking in the wrong place, how my opportunity is always here. I'm free of the idea of myself as a failure for the first time since I can remember. Please continue serving the world in your special, special way." B. Jenson



"The consultation that we spent with you was enormously reassuring and encouraging. I know there is much work ahead but we are in agreement that you offer a rare opportunity to help us better chart our lives and our son’s life.I don’t remember meeting anyone like you that has both the gift and the heart to truly impact people in such a positive way. Thank you for devoting your life to such a noble purpose." S. Becker    

Contact me to set up your complimentary phone or Skype coaching session  regarding your parenting,  relationship or other  life challenge.

Phone: 770-364-9580   Email: bob@boblancer.com

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