Bob Lancer Videos
Bob Lancer Videos

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The Positive Power
Of Peaceful Parenting (Part 1)

(10 mins)   

An informal talk with Bob Lancer, including a discussion of his "Parenting with Love" and "Lighten Up" principles. 



Bob Lancer Video Profile




Bob Lancer's Video Profile

(5 mins 49 secs) 


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The Winner's Edge (Part 1)

(9 mins 7 secs) 


Live video from "The Winner's Edge" Success Seminar presented at a Corporation retreat by Bob Lancer.  


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The Winner's Edge (Part 2)

(7 mins. 5 secs)


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Family Power

(4 mins. 34 secs)

Bob Lancer explains how to create and maintain family harmony for the healthy, happy success of every family member.


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Raising Our Children /
 Facing Ourselves

(2 mins 33 secs)   

Excerpts from a Bob Lancer seminar. The Guru of peaceful parenting talks seriously about the correct way of correcting children, and the impact of the incorrect way on the future of the world.  How we relate to children expresses who we are.  Our angry reactions to a child break our connection with that child.    Click on the image to begin playing.

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Montage of three videos:

(5 mins 32 secs) 


  1. At Healthcare for Kids Rally.
  2. With Moms in Recovery.
  3. With Son Gabriel, discussing Bob Dylan's lyrics relating to the stages of child development and enlightenment.  

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Empowering Ourselves /
Empowering Our Children
(Part 1)

(9 mins 55 secs) 

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Bob Lancer presents a motivational seminar to Head Start parents at The Partnership for Community Action, Decatur, GA.  

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The Dream Come True Process (Part 1)

(9 mins 53 secs) 

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Bob Lancer presents a motivational life-wisdom talk to teens. Presented at the Maynard Jackson Youth Foundation, Atlanta GA.


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Lancer Answers

(3 mins 48 secs) 


Parents share their personal parenting concerns with Bob at a parenting seminar's breakout Q & A . 

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