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12 Proactive Parenting Tips for Easier Child Discipline


Being pro-active works far better than being re-active when it comes to improving child behavior.  When you react to a child’s behavior, that obviously means the child has already engaged in the child behavior you want to stop or change.  The downside of this is that each time a child engages in a child behavior, that behavior grows more habitual and harder for the child to change.  So here are some tips for pro-active parenting for easier child discipline.



Proactive Parenting Tips #1: The ongoing self-development of the parent leads the child, by example, into finer child behavior. Look for better ways of relating with your child and you will find them. Raising children more effectively begins with raising ourselves to fulfill more of our own greater potential.


Proactive Parenting Tips # 2:  Create a more stable, harmonious home-environment. This provides essential support for the child to demonstrate a healthy attitude and responsible child behavior. If your child has been displaying behavior problems, increase the peace, harmony and order of his/her surroundings.  


Proactive Parenting Tips # 3:  Improve and/or increase quality time. Creating a more loving, pleasant relationship with your child improves child behavior, because the better you connect with a child, the more easily you can direct the child.


Proactive Parenting Tips # 4:  Improve your attitude toward your child. Express deeper, more consistent, unconditional love, adoration and appreciation. This nurtures child development  and motivates the child to make a greater effort to demonstrate responsible, caring child behavior.


Proactive Parenting Tips # 5: Bring more conscious, alert attention focused on the present moment during parent-child interaction. You will more accurately sense what your child needs, and as you meet those needs, you will enjoy easier child discipline.  


Proactive Parenting Tips # 6: Work on improving your self-control.  You cannot improve a child's self-control while you are losing yours. When you react with anger and stress you demonstrate weak self-control.  Rather than solving discipline problems, this leads the child, by your example, to react angrily – and when a child feels angry child behavior worsens.


 Proactive Parenting Tips # 7: Establish behavior boundaries in a more calm, compassionate manner. When you attempt to control or discipline children with anger and stress, you abuse yourself and trigger more anger and stress in the child, making it harder for the child to improve his/her behavior.

Proactive Parenting Tips # 8: To take charge in your relationship with your child, take charge of your reactions to child behavior.  Concentrate on preserving your peace and poise no matter how the child behaves.  This helps your child remain calm and that helps the child to behave well. It also provides you with access to your own best judgment.  


Parenting Tips # 9: Bring more balance into your life.  Balanced living permits your healthy, happy, higher potential to function in all areas of life, including parenting, for better results in your parent-child relationship.

Proactive Parenting Tip # 10: Improve your relationship with your spouse. A loving, respectful relationship between the parents helps the child to feel secure (essential for the child to behave well) and models respectful relating.  


Proactive Parenting Tips # 11: Rather than demanding the child robotically "Do as you are told", provide your child with a clear, simple explanation of why you want something done. This supports the development of his/her ability to make sound, responsible choices for himself/herself. 


Proactive Parenting Tips # 12: Develop your own positive attitude toward life.  When children see their parents happy, they feel happy, and happy children behave better than unhappy children.


For more parenting help see & for more pro-active parenting tips that reveal the real dynamics of child discipline for great child behavior and wonderful child attitudes..... Parenting With Love, Without Anger or Stress  
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