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Relationship Advice / Romance Tips

For Parents



Relationship advice, including romance tips, specifically for parents is not that prevalent in today's self-help marketplace.


And yet, parents, perhaps more than anyone else, probaly need relationship help more than couples without children.


The added pressures of raising children together demands relationship advice and romance tips for the necessary spice of sexy affection that bonds couples in love.


Marriages won't die without romance, if by life you mean only the active heartbeat that can be sustained through artificial, mechanical means.


Real relationship advice and romance tips are not essential to life like air, water, food, sleep and exercise, but it romance IS a necessity for genuine matrimonial bonding. 


Friendship and love-making, great teamwork, honest communication and respectful humaneness and giving one another space for regrouping are all powerful examples of relationship advice and romance tips, for these prove integral to the thriving of marriage. But preserving these is more of challenge for couples facing the pressures of raising children together.


The consistent nurturing of the romantic spark
of sexy infatuation MUST be honored.


There is no more important focus for relationship advice than romance tips for parents because:

  1. Romantic love is more difficult to preserve and nurture when you have the added responsibility of meeting children's needs.
  2. Romantic love nurtures the relationship harmony that children need to be exposed to to feel secure and behave well.


While it's far more commonly recognized that it's harder to preserve romance for parents, it is less widely recognized, but at least as important, that  influence of romance in your marriage impacts your children and child behavior in a positive way


A dearth of romance in your marriage drains you emotionally and encloses your sentiment with blank stares, making you seem inaccessible and therefore emotionally unreliable to your child.


So relationship advice that includes romance tips is really
an essential form of parenting advice.


Parent's who hunger for romantic affection demonstrate less patience, compassion and emotional availability in parenting their children. As a result, the child's behavior soon demonstrates child behavior problems.


When spouses give play to their romantic sides, they bring the positive influence of their own happy hearts to their child's heart, nurturing the child's trust, compassion, joy and contentedness - which are the emotional foundations for positive child behavior.  In a sense, relationship advice and romance tips for parents equate with positive child discipline guidelines.


The richer your bond with your mate, the richer the child's
sense of the parent-child emotional bond.


Another benefit to romantic parents is the quality of your relationship modelling for your child.  Romance in a marriage brings out the best in the couple's treatment of one another, making them more considerate, polite and respectful toward one another in general.


A marriage lacking romance gets hardened by a lack of loving softness and leads children by example to relate insensitively with others.


The following the relationship advice and romance tips will not only bring you more marital joy, but also better child behavior and fewer child discipline problems:


  • Think of nurturing your romantic bond with your mate as essential for parenting children as well as possible.


  • Romance may include flowers and candy, perfume and feathers, a dance on a date, but not necessarily.  Those are special expressions of romantic attraction. Far more important is a weekly sex-life.


  • Self-honesty is essential for real intimacy. This involves two practices:

1.  Practicing self-observation to examine your underlying motivations and your modes of self-conduct, including how you speak, think, feel and act .

2. Resisting the urge to rationalize or defensively justify your self-conduct to your mate or to yourself.


  • Rely more on sex than on therapy.  Sexual sharing with one another is a great way to:

1. End a fight

2. Increase bonding through play

3. Help you both to let go of issues instead of holding onto them.


One of the most common ways that couples dam the flow of romance in marriage is by overlooking the power of thought. Here is some relationship advice and a romance tip that you won't find in many other places: How you see your mate is not your mate's responsibility.


The attitude you have toward your mate is an experience you give to yourself.


Don't wait for your mate to thaw your heart's frost.  Consistently resist the urge to think about your mate or your relationship in ways that cause you to lose respect for your matre. 


Additionally, whenever you feel angry with your spouse, stop focusing your thoughts on what you do not like.  Envision what you most deeply desire in a loving relationship, because you bring about what you think about.


Following this relationship advice and applying these romance tips will lead you to more fulfillment in life, in love and in parenting your chlidren.

Inspirational key note speaker and motivational seminar leader, life-management coach and mentor Bob Lancer will uplift your audience with relationship wisdom, parenting wisdom and life-success wisdom.  For a motivational seminar, inspiring key note, regernative retreat that lifts off the limits of mindsets, attitudes and focus for more joy, higher accomplishment and improved relationships, call 770-354-9580 or email Bob directly today.


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