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Secret Wisdom Of The Natural Order


Just as the child develops in the womb through a set series of steps, so do all things follow a natural order sequence of steps for the healthy birth of the desired outcome.  We can learn to sense and know that sequence of steps to build our lives and birth our higher potentials.


Developing this priceless form of inner discernment is part of a secret wisdom called “The Natural Order.”  I was first exposed to this secret wisdom in my early twenties, when I met my first real wisdom teacher on the beaches of Brooklyn, New York.  I’ve been applying it ever since and it has always worked as a charm.


This is not to say that my life has always turned out the way that I have wanted it to, but it often has and in very deep and important ways.  And when it didn’t, the lesson learned by me was to be even more deeply attuned to the inner guidance of the secret wisdom of the Natural Order; and by relying on that wisdom I found things straightening out for me once again, and to a higher level than before things went askew.


The secret wisdom of the Natural Order is all about trusting and discerning first things first.  There is a natural order or sequence of steps for the creation of what is “meant to be”, what is truly aligned with the reality of things.  Wherever you are in any process, there is a right next step for you to follow which serves as the foundation for the right next step, and for the ultimate construction or creation of what it is you are trying to bring about, what it is that you truly want to bring about.


The secret wisdom of the Natural Order cannot be recognized through the logical mind, but only through the faculty of a higher Mind, also called the Noetic Mind and the Mind of the True Self.


Your True Self is not your personality.  It is not who you think you are or say you are when someone asks you to talk about yourself.  Your True Self is deeper than any role you play in life, like father, mother, neighbor, professional, man or woman.  


Your True Self is indescribable – an indescribable state of Knowing. 


The Mind of your True Self truly Knows and Knows Truly.  It doesn’t think in the sense that your regular mind engages in intellectual and imaginative activities during the day.  It Knows reality directly through Perceptive Cognition; it Knows without thinking, it Knows in a state of Pure Awareness.


Exactly what this Mind Knows is the actual sequence of events for the unfoldment of any outcome that is truly consistent with who you are and what you really need to feel happy, content, aligned with your true purpose and true nature.  


You have access to this Mind, access to the actual Recognition of your true next step in any process, access to the Recognition of the guidance of true Wisdom in the here and now.


Your access opens as you open to it by quieting your mind, paying attention, and opening your feelings to the deepest, internal sense of inner guidance coming to you from your core, your essence, your soul, your being.


As you remain internally quiet, receptive and attuned, you eventually notice this inner guidance, this secret wisdom, flowing.


As this inner wisdom flows your logical mind can easily interfere with it, demanding that you follow a more conventional, sensible action plan than the one you feel to be consistent with who you truly are and how things truly are, even though you cannot explain how things truly are or even conceive of things as they are with your intellect.  You can just feel the “right fit” of the action you feel called upon to engage in, or the inaction, as the case may be.  


There will be those about you who demand that you follow a different course of action, often just to suit their fearful demand that you do what they believe will serve them better than the course you are on.


But the reality is that no one can be served any better than their own adherence to the Natural Order path for themselves in the here-now.  In fact, no one can help you very much at all when you veer off your Natural Order path, when you overlook the step you really should be taking.  And you receive all the help you need when you really need it when you reconnect with that path and take the next step in the Natural Order of steps that characterize your True Path through the now.


You can tell that you are following the secret wisdom of the Natural Order when things fall into place for you, when you seem to arrive on time without struggle or strain, almost automatically.  The sign that someone is straying very far off their Natural Order path is being chronically late, rushed, overwhelmed, over-committed and not doing what they say they will do.


You are following the secret wisdom of the Natural Order when you feel calm, content, confident while demonstrating punctuality and precision in the things that you do.  Things seem to work out for you effortlessly because your effort is backed by the current of the way things are meant to be.  You are going with the flow in the deepest sense.


The Natural Order guides you infallibly in every and in any situation, but you have to trust in it and open up to it to receive the benefits of it, the safety and protection of it, the great rewards of it.  


Those rewards consist of the richest, most fulfilling life imaginable, a life that is true to you, a life that is based on your real self, your real needs, your real sense of purpose.  As you follow the secret wisdom of the Natural Order you are not only doing what is truly right for you, you are doing what is truly right for everyone.


The Natural Order is rooted in what Platonic Wisdom refers to asThe Great Plan of the Good, and what Pythagoras and Confucius referred to as The Golden Mean.   The Neoplatonists called it The Logos.  The ancient Chinese sage Lao Tzu called it The Tao.(Reading these ancient teachings with the intention to awaken to the inner reality they refer to can certainly aide you in tuning into the secret wisdom of the Natural Order.)


The Mind that guides you along your individual Natural Order path comprehends the entire Natural Order Plan for the entire Cosmic Process.  Following your individual Natural Order path therefore works in accord with the Natural Order for all.  For as you follow the secret wisdom of the Natural Order for yourself in any given situation, you are coordinating with the real needs or Natural Order process of everyone else, including those most near and dear to you, whether they recognize it or not, whether they like it or not.


Just as a parent must sometimes be willing to displease a child for the good of the child, we must have the inner fortitude, the real integrity, to do what we know to be true for ourselves however others may interpret or react to what we Know we must do.  To be truly Good for you is to be truly Good for me.


Others will certainly call you selfish for being so focused on your integrity, your authenticity.  Your own rational mind will sometimes call you crazy and make you fel guilty.  But the reality is that you really are doing what is right for others when you are doing what is really right for you.  That is why it makes perfect sense to do unto others as you would have them do unto you, as the Golden Rule advises.  Follow the secret wisdom of Natural Order in your relationship with others and you automatically accomplish this.  

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