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Your Inner Source For Emotional Healing


Your possess an inner source for emotional healing. The healing power of your heart and mind comes from within.  


As your body mends itself in response to a physical wound, your "feeling wound" mends itself when you cooperate with its natural mending process. 


To cooperate with the natural recovery of your body, you keep it clean, protect it from further harm, eat well, exercise and rest enough. The same facilitates the mending of emotion-hurts.  


The cleanliness required for emotional healing involves a kind of mental and emotional hygiene.   You may infect your "feeling wound" through over-exposure to negative attitudes. You protect a wounded state of emotion and permit its natural improvement by avoiding distressing thoughts and emotional reactions.


The recuperative power of love should not be underestimated in relation to both the improvement of a physical condition and a condition of the emotions. Face the hurt feeling of your inner pain and embrace it with your compassion. Love stimulates natural recovery of physical and happy wellbeing. Your capacity to love is perhaps your most potent source of improving how you feel.


As in physical health you need a good diet, exercise and rest on the physical level to facilitate your inner source for emotional health. You also need these on an inner feeling level.  


Nurture the wellbeing of your inner joy with an "emotional diet" of beautiful, harmonious and inspiring feelings that you may receive from playing with adoring people, listening to great music or engaging in creative projects that you love.  Exercise and thereby strengthen the wellbeing of your happiness by deliberately expressing love and compassion as much as you can. Gaze at a sunset you love, smell a rose for a fragrance you love, be lovingly affectionate with your infant or puppy. 


And let yourself rest emotionally by letting go of your goals and problems to relax in an emotionally neutral, undisturbed state.  All of this helps your inner source of emotional healing do its work.  


For more wisdom that guides you in emotional healing, see Bob Lancer's life transforming wisdom book, Lighten Up!



Also listen to Bob Lancer's Powerful CD for emotional healing and the release of your greater power: The Insider's Secret Of Power.  
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