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Transform Negativity From The Wrong Kind To The Right Kind: A Key To Positive Attraction

Every difficult experience in life is your opportunity to transform negativity from the wrong kind into the right kind of negativity, which is a key to the attraction of what you desire.


The kind of negativity I'm referring to here is consistent with the concept of negativity that applies to electricity and magnetism. 


Negativity is a force of attraction, a force of receptivity.


The wrong kind of negativity has to do with the negative beliefs,expectations,  interpretations and opinions that we project onto what happens.  These attract to you more of what we do not want.


The right kind of negativity draws to you
or attracts more of what you want.


The right kind of negativity or receptivity releases the light of higher joy-love-wisdom in your heart. It literally makes your most wonderful dreams come true.


As you transform the wrong kind of negativity into the right kind, you take hold of a key to deliberate attraction and enter a more beautiful, meaningful life.  


The pattern of the wave describes the pattern of everyone’s life.


Everything goes up and down. Sometimes opportunities roll in and sometimes problems role in.


However, you transcend this wave and experience steadily growing joy and gratitude and success in your life by recognizing that whether you see something as a problem or as an opportunity is a matter of the perspective that you choose.


When what you want does not seem to be happening, trusting that your life is and inevitably always will deliver to you what you really want, regardless of life's apparent ups and downs, establishes you in the right negativity


When you shift from fearing and resistance into trust that what happens can only be a perfect gift of all-sufficiency for you, you allow yourself to discover fulfillment and freedom and transform negativity of the wrong kind into the right kind.


Nothing wrong ever really happens to you despite your
ability to interpret how it can be wrong.


All day, everyday, simply try to trust and to know that all that is truly good for you and right for you is ALWAYS coming to you.  (So you really never have anything to worry about.) This simple effort will gradually turn your negativity, and your entire life-experience, around.


This is a wisdom-key of attraction. It connects you with the inner peace of knowing that you are always exactly where you really need to be. It transforms negativity of the wrong kind into the positive kind of negativity that works.


When you transform your negativity from wrong to right , you place the key to attraction into the lock on your life's trreasure chest and some wonderful riches become available to you:

• You turn fear into courage.

• You realize that the closing of opportunity’s door really equals its opening,

• The winning in losing becomes apparent.

•T he miracle of life packaged in the appearance of a disaster is revealed.

•The triumph in defeat makes every event a victory.

•You rise above life’s wave.


To rise above life’s wave means that you relate to whatever happens as a positive, as a gift. 


There are no downs when you accept what is happening as just right for you, and allow yourself to experience fulfillment, freedom and inspiration right where you are.  


As you trust that within whateveer is happening is the perfect opportunity for your total fulfillment, that becomes your experience.


There really is no othe way to experience the joy and fulfillment you seek. No other accomplishment will make it happen. All accomplishments are equal in this sense.  Whether you win or lose, you win!


Think about why you want anything in particular to happen.  It is because you expect it to provide you with the sense of being in a situation of total sufficiency.  That's the real underlying motivation for amassing financial wealth.


But until one is established in this mindset, no amount of financial wealth will be enough. 


There's never a need to feel insecure, desperate or overwhelmed when you realize that you are receiving and attracting what is just right for you.  


To transform negativity of the wrong kind into creative or RIGHT negativity and thus employ this key to attraction:


1. Face your feelings. Do not resist your negative emotions or negative attitude.  Simply feel how you feel, consciously.   


2. Take note of any dismal visions of yourself as a failure that float before your mind's eye, but if do not hold onto them; rather see them for what they are, mere illusions, depressing speculations, frightening fantasies.  


3. Trust that whatever comes your way is just right for you, that it really does provide you with the opportunity to experience all of the fulfillment and inspiration, joy, freedom, power and love your heart desires.


Following these three steps is an EXERCISE that gradually transforms negativity into its positive potential for attraction. Like a muscle that strengthens through exercise, doing this exercise everyday, through thick and thin, will make your right form of negativity stronger and more stable.


To make this even more powerful, routinely envision the kinds of circumstances that you want to attract.


As you envision what you want, your life shapes circumstances that match your vision, and you draw those circumstances toward you.


Envision yourself in a healthier state and your health improves, to some degree.  Envision yourself making more money, and you find opportunities to make more money coming to you.  Envision yourself in the kinds of relationships you want to be in, and you find your opportunity to enter relationships like those opening up.


However, as you envision the changes you want, be sure to maintain the inner feeling of faith, trust and certainty (to the best of your ability),
that whatever comes your way is always entirely sufficient
for all you really and truly want and need.


This inner feeling of trust in what happens is CRUCIAL to avoid putting pressure on your vision.  Placing pressure on your vision engages you in the wrong kind of negativity - you begin attracting resistance, obstacle, overwhelm.


Envisioning what you desire with an attitude of complete faith in everything that can possibly happen releases your vision's power to configure the events in your life to match that vision as soon as possible.


If you doubt that your vision can come true, you slip into the wrong kind of negativity.


If you slip into feelings of desperation regarding your vision, you attract more constraint, not more freedom.


Create your positive visions on a foundation of faith that you are right now in the right situation, and that you will always be in the right situation.


A central purpose of life is to develop this power of faith that places you in the experience of all-sufficiency, at all times.


Whatever challenge you are facing gives you an opportunity to develop this power.


To fulfill this purpose and develop this power and experience the great inner peace that it delivers, right now take a look at your attitude. What does it express? Is there any anxiety, impatience, frustration or discouragement?  


Paying attention to how you feel develops your power to shift from the wrong kind of negativity into the right kind.


Next, ask yourself this question, "If I knew with perfect certainty that I always receive exactly what is truly sufficient in all ways for me, how would I feel right now?"


Then, allow that feeling to arise within you.


Finally, ask yourself this question: "If I knew that whatever I envision is bound to bring to me the life-circumstances that match that vision, what would I envision right now?"  


Then, allow yourself to look at those visions, without any pressure or fear, but rather with perfect trust that this is bound to happen, and trust in the absolute, perfect sufficiency of whatever happens.


The more you practice this, the more negativity you transform from the wrong kind to the right kind.


Now an important time to apply this is when you cannot seem to shake a negative emotional reaction or attitude, like anger, insecurity or pesimissm.


When this happens, trust that your painful feelings are also just right for you for right now. If you worry about what they are attracting to you, you only compound them.


But if you trust that nothing can happen to you that is not totally for you, including your painful feelings, you begin to set yourself free.


When you transform negativity from the wrong kind into the right kind, a key to attraction works for you and you experience more and
more of the true freedom and fulfillment you desire.


For instance, you no longer compare your life to another's life and feel disappointed with your own life as a result.  You realize that whatever another is going through is just right for him or her, and that what you are going through is just right for you.


You realize that no one is ever really more successful than you in an intrinsic sense.  Others may have accomplished more than you have in a particular area, but that person's life is really no better or worse than yours. 


What YOU have accomplished is just right for you for right now, so you are really successful all the time.


Learn how to transform negativity in Bob Lancer's breakthrough book: Lighten Up! Every one of its over 200 pages of sheer wisdom reveals how to release yourself from the emotional patterns and mindsets that keep most locked in defeat.  Transform your negativity into positivity. Click on the image of the book for ordering information.  
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