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Money is taken far too seriously by anyone experiencing any stress around it.  Your finances are nothing to worry about.  You can have as much money as you want.  You can make as much as much money you want.  You can spend and invest as much as you want.  If you doubt this, you need to heal your relationship with money.


Money is nothing to feel desperate about.  Generating it is nothing but a game.  One of my clients makes $500,000 a month (yes, that’s right, half a million dollars a month in income) for the fun of it.


Play the game to win, but remember to have real fun with it.  If you lose the play aspect you choke off the channel through prosperity flows.


Take the game and the art of winning lightly, not seriously.  You have more than enough power available to get all you want.  Enjoy that.  


You direct your power to work for you by becoming aware of what you want it to accomplish.  Accomplishing it is a balance of working for it and allowing it to happen. Let life work for you instead of working too hard to make a living.


Work for the fun of it, for the joy of it, for the inspiration of it.  I work as hard as I can because I love the work I do.  The more energy that pours into my work the more fulfilled, enthusiastic, secure and confident I feel.  The more love I experience.


You can amass a large fortune in delight.  


Making great streams of income is not hard to do, unless you make it hard.  Your life is as easy as you take it and as hard as you make it.


If you experience the unhappy stress of struggle and strain around making money, having money or having no money, you make too much of money.  You don’t make too much money; you make too much of money.  


Money won’t make you feel any happier, freer or more secure than you can feel right now.  When I first started making “real money” I experienced more financial stress and insecurity than at any time in my life.


So I let it all go, in order to start over.  I realized that it is not the money that I want as much as I want to know how to make all the money I want.  I learned that lesson.  Making money should be fun.  It’s a form of play.  Be as a child, innocent and free.


If you accept a mindset that makes money-making feel gravely serious you are treating money as your source and begin to oppress yourself.  


But money is not your source.  It is a product of your source!


If you make money your God money will let you down.  Relate with God as your source, your ever present source of love that provides all your heart desires.  Name your amount of abundance and trust that you are on the way into that amount.  Let that awareness fill your heart with joy.


A trusting attitude toward money, combined with paying attention to the game of making it, builds your great good fortune.


If money seems scarce and you feel tempted to feel insecure about it, remind yourself that generating money is really no big deal.  There are always opportunities for making more.  Just relax and have a good time as you apply yourself gently to making all the money you want.


Money won’t make you happy, but you can certainly enjoy the process of making money, amassing money, and spending money on worthwhile causes.  You can enjoy the feeling of financial freedom and abundance right now.


Think of examples of abundance and feel the abundant quality of those ideas.  For instance, think of all the grains of sand on all the beaches in the world.  Think of all the water in all the seas, all the stars in the one vast sky that is the infinite universe.  Try to work your feelings into these ideas of massive abundance, these visualizations of vastness.  Vibrate in the state of abundance.


Your vibratory states, plus the mental visions that inspire them, form a magnetic field that directs physical conditions to concretely match them.  Based on this principle, to experience greater abundance visualize abundance and tune into the feeling of experiencing it.  The more time you spend in this state of abundance-consciousness, the more quickly and completely your abundance vision materializes.


More importantly, you will be living in the joy of abundance right now.


Imagine an abundance of opportunity to make all the money you want, and work your feelings into that.  


Imagine generating all the prosperity you want to generate, in an easy, natural, pleasant way, being authentically you, and work your feelings into the experience of that.


Access your power to manifest the monetary conditions you desire by living in those conditions in your consciousness.  


You close off that access when you make the way to make money a drag.  When you feel burdened by a heavy attitude about money you increase the “gravity” working against the rising of your income.  


An attitude of fear and heaviness characterizes an unhealthy relationship with money that produces lack luster financial results at best.  It characterizes a “money wound” that you no doubt learned from your parents.  It makes you sick over money.


Healing begins when you let go of perspectives that relate with money as a source.  Your power to make money is your source.  


Heal your money wound by not making your financial condition a big deal.  Trust your power to make all the money you want. 


Heal your relationship with money by lightening up (see my book: Lighten Up!) about money and practice the feeling of trusting in the infinite supply that defines God’s infinite love for you.  Confidently, playfully work on creating the prosperity you want.  


The infinite flow of the universe blossoms in your life as abundance and prosperity as you heal your relationship with money.

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