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Release From The Only “Thing”
That Can Hold You Back

There is only one “thing” that can hold you back in life.  It has to do with the Principle of Reflection.  Based on this Universal Principle the universe, as you encounter it, is nothing more than a mirror of your present state of consciousness.


In other words, your external circumstances are the out-picturing of your inner feeling and inner vision.  


Wherever you seem to be encountering difficulty in your life you are simply being confronted with the reflection of the inner condition that is causing it.


For instance, when you see and feel yourself as weak and helpless your circumstances must match that inner vision by presenting you with circumstances that seem to validate your ineffectiveness.  This might mean a floundering business, projects that linger in incompletion, being taken advantage of in relationships.


No amount of action that you take, and no amount of bluster that you put on, will alter the dismal reflections of an inner identity of weak helplessness.


The reflection is the results you are achieving.


Situations that seem to cause you to feel insecure are really being caused by the insecure inner vision of yourself as weak and helpless that you identify with.  In other words, those feelings of insecurity that seem to be a reaction to your difficulties are really the cause of the difficulties.


The strategy that people typically use to get free of feelings of insecurity is to try to get out of the situations in which they feel insecure.  They might rush into a relationship with someone who temporarily eases their insecurity or start making calls to drum up business.  But this cannot work.  It’s like looking in the mirror, seeing some dirt on the reflection of your face, and then trying to remove the dirt by scrubbing the mirror!


Schools of thought that have hooked into a portion of this understanding teach that the way to improve your life is by envisioning what you want.  But you cannot successfully superimpose a positive vision on a negative vision and achieve any real change.  Whatever improvements you create through those efforts will come crashing down in a short time because they are built on a faulty foundation.


This happened to me.  I had created everything I wanted in life, only to watch it all crumble, leaving me feeling shattered.  Through much internal effort and the help of a great teacher I came to recognize that my internally shattered state was really not a reaction to my loss.  It was a revelation of the internally shattered state that it had been there all along.


What we need is a way to release from the limiting feelings and visions about ourselves that we have been identifying with.  Until we do this, the best that we can do is to create temporary fixes that inevitably lead us into deeper difficulties.  We enter relationships that let us down harder, businesses that collapse to lower points than ever before, improved attitudes that dissolve into even deeper feelings of depression, desperation and desolation.


The first step to releasing a negative vision that is out-picturing your undesirable circumstances is to feel the painful feelings that come up in those circumstances.  This requires feeling all of the painful fear that the situation is triggering.


Fully feeling your most painful feelings eventually reveals the limiting inner vision or belief that is connected with it.  Once you see this inner vision clearly, you see it as just an inner vision and no longer need to identify with it as your true self or true life. This releases your power to feel and envision all that you want.


However, some of our limiting inner visions are rooted too deeply for openness to self-awareness to fully release them.  For these deep feelings and visions we have to go back to where they came from, which is in the first six years of our lives.  During that period the child has an absorbent mind that literally adopts at the deepest level the psychological programing that is modeled around the child by the nature of the child’s birth parents.  This is where all of our limiting inner visions are learned.


I have been blessed to receive a method – I call it The Method – for achieving this release, and it is a true game changer. I'd love the opportunity to share it with you for you to experience the results.


I lead individuals and groups through a simple process that I call The Method for releasing the deep inner programing that has been standing in their way. This frees them to reclaim the totality of their authentic power for producing whatever it is they truly want in their lives, from an inner core of inner peace, security and joy, with steady and consistent unconditional love for self and others.  


If you are interested in learning more about how I do this for individuals, couples, parents, and groups of all sizes and kinds, including businesses and schools, email me to discuss your interests.  
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