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How to find and fulfill your life’s purpose

Finding and fulfilling your life’s purpose is both easier and more challenging than most of us think.  It is easier because the central key is to stop thinking self out of it.  


Every time that you tell yourself that you want to fulfill your purpose or that you are not fulfilling your purpose you are producing that experience through the misuse of thought.  You bring about what you think about.  Thinking of conditions that we don’t want in our life is like trying to run away from a ravenous crocodile by carrying it firmly in our arms!  You live in the thoughts that you think.


So it is easier to live your life-purpose than you think, because you merely have to drop or avoid the thought that tells you that you are not doing so.  


But doing this is not that easy.  Thought-patterns are habitual.  They are also unconscious.  This means that without us even being aware of it our attention, and therefore our experience, can be consumed by a negative thought.  We need to practice the discipline of paying close attention to what our mind is doing, and we need to practice this every waking moment.  In fact, if you are not practicing this discipline, your moment is not truly “waking”.  You are living in the dream of thought without realizing it.  You are asleep to what you are up to within.


To experience the fulfillment of living your true life’s purpose requires shifting from thinking to feeling.  You have to feel your way into the deepest space of inner peace that you can experience.  Thinking about what you need to do to fulfill your purpose keeps you blocked from knowing your life-purpose, because that knowing is a feeling.


To experience your connection to your life-purpose without feeling the wholeness and fulfillment of that connection would be worthless.  In fact, that is what is actually happening when you do not feel that connection.  Your life-purpose is ever-present, but you are absent from the conscious experience of it when you are not feeling your total connection with it.  


To experience this feeling requires a totally quiet mind, quiet emotion, quiet desire.  In other words, it requires a deep state of emotional and mental relaxation.  At the same time, you need to direct your attention within, to stay alertly aware of your present moment experience.  Add to this an inner feeling of being completely open and willing to receive and follow the deep sense of inner knowing that comes into your consciousness to guide you.  


When you are living in this way, you are experiencing the fulfillment of your purpose.  This is because your true purpose is to be a clear, open, attuned, receptive and willing channel for what we can describe as the Higher Ordering Forces of Love and Wisdom that come from deeper or higher dimensions.  This is the True Purpose of every human being.  


Our True Purpose is not to gratify our personal ego, to accumulate riches and worldly experiences.  It is not to prove ourselves in any way.  It is to serve a Higher Purpose with our life.  That Higher Purpose “descends” into consciousness as we clear ourselves of the personal attachments to desire, emotion and thought.  In a clear state of alert awareness we can register a higher guiding influence that fills us with love and joy.  This feeling tells us that we are on the truly Right Path for us.  We are doing what we are meant to do.  We are fulfilling our life’s Purpose.


You will be led in two ways along the path of your True Purpose.  First, you will see doors of opportunity opening for you in your circumstances.  Things that need to happen for you will seem to happen by grace, without any personal effort on your part.  This is like the universe is guiding you through open doors along the path that is meant for you.  


Secondly you will feel the rightness of what you are doing, thinking and feeling.  This is not a sense of rightness that comes from adhering to some ideological belief.  It is a feeling of genuine joy, harmony, inner peace and support arising from your inner core, from your soul.  It guides you to do what you do for the fun of it, knowing that good things will result.  


As you live true to your life’s Purpose you will no longer worry about your future, about what might happen to you, about your needs going unmet.  Worry operates on the mental and emotional level.  As you live in inner peace, the pain and strain of worry is gone.  Everything works out marvelously for you, even when things seem to be the opposite of what you want.


Your first Purpose is to dedicate yourself to connecting with a Higher Purpose that is bigger than you.  There is a definite, scientific way to accomplishing this.  It’s the way that has just been described.  




Getting established on the path of fulfilling your true purpose requires the skillful support of someone who’s help in that way is an expression of his or her true purpose.  I’ve been helping individuals in this capacity for nearly 4 decades now, on a full-time basis, as this is my life’s work.  Contact me to set up a time to discuss my phone coaching for living your true purpose.  
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