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Seize Your Opportunity:
The Personal Development Solution


Every difficult experience presents an opportunity to advance your personal development.  


Applying your level of self development to your challenges brings you the level of results that you achieve.


Because your difficulties show you where you are weak, your difficulties are really opportunities for personal growth that leads to greater success.


For instance, if you find that you lose your positive attitude when you face disappointment, the opportunity is to recognize your need to work on strengthening your positive attitude.  As a result of this higher level of personal growth, you will be less depleted and defeated by difficulty and more empowered to achieve greater results.


One common reaction to problems is to fear them.  Instead of reacting fearfully to your problems, embrace them as opportunities, as lessons in how to be more successful.


Notice how you respond to the problem think about how you could improve that response.  For instance, just shifting from insecurity to confidence is a way of seizing your opportunity to advance your personal development, because confidence is more empowering than insecurity.  


Believing that you can always succeed represents a victorious mindset that is the source of success.


Instead of judging yourself as inadequate for disappointing results, consider how you can grow to achieve the results you are after. 


Adopt the more positive success mindset of the student of success.  Simply open your mind to consider what you have learned from what you have been through, and what you need to do at this point to achieve the results you desire.


Expect to succeed, whatever the results you get. This shift represents a powerful success mindset breakthrough in personal development.


The more you learn about how to be successful, the more successful you will be.


Wether you like where you are or not, your present situation presents you with the opportunity to learn how to do a better job of going through life's ups and downs. 


Embrace whatever happens as opportunities to learn how to turn where you are into even greater victories.


And don’t get overly excited when things seem to go your way.  You need to maintain your balance to perceive accurately what is going on and the best way to handle it.


So balance is a key to growing greater success in your life: keeping your balance during the highs and lows.  You can do a better job of this as you make it one of your personal growth priorities for achieving greater success goals.


As you grow through what you go through you transform yourself through self-growth into a more capable human being. 


Deliberately envision yourself fulfilling a higher potential, because you become the person you think of.


The dismal visions of a failure that float before your mind's eye will pass away unless you hold onto them.   


Letting go of your fears, disappointments and feelings of discouragement represents a major breakthrough in personal development. 


The conditions that you conceive of are the conditions that you create.  Pursue conscious control and direction of your creative imagination as personal growth.


When you imagine circumstances you want out of, immediately let the thought of those circumstances go. As you exercise this power you gain freedom from those circumstances.


Personal development for greater success in any area of your life includes developing your power to idealize your situation. 


Conceive of the bright possibilities you desire, with the feeling that they truly are possible.  This releases your power to turn those possibilities into actualities.


The moment you doubt the possibility of what you desire, stop pushing. Simply let go of any thought or feeling of being held back.  This sets you free.


You bring about what you think about, so think about where your inspiration tells you that you want to go in life.  


Use difficulties to show you how to develop your ability to overcome them rather than picturing yourself as being overcome by them. 


Whatever seems to be going on in your life, there is a way to move through it for all that you desire. Personal development is that ever-present way.



Find the help you need to grow through what you go through to harness the power of personal development for real liberation in Bob Lancer's breakthrough book: Lighten Up!    
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