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Harness The Power Of Feeling Great

(In my parenting seminars I emphasize the fact that our children are not responsible for how we emotionally react.  How we feel is our responsibility, and it's a crucial one. Article is for everyone who wants to feel better.)


How you feel determines what happens to you. We tend to view our emotional states as effects, but they are also causes.


When you let yourself feel great for no reason at all you find the reasons.  Your life manifests around how you feel.


When we feel great for no reason we often spoil how we feel by looking for the reasons to feel concerned, stressed out, frustrated, insecure, resentful.  Eventually we succeed at spoiling our great mood and feel down in the dumps again.


Our lives look fraught with problems as a result of rejecting our positive emotional states due to a lack of reasons to feel great.


Make a shift to harness the power of feeling great.  Let yourself feel wonderful for no reason at all.  When you feel high, think about what would happen that would reflect, reinforce, fuel that positive feeling state.  Think of the relationship, the career, the health, the financial, the wonderful experiences that if you knew were in store you would feel as great as you feel.


You bring about what you think about when your feelings match the way you think.  Think of things going wrong with feelings of dread and you will find more things going wrong.  Think of things going right with feelings of gratitude, joy, fulfillment and you find opportunities dropping in your lap, coming out of the blue, things working out the way you want them to in magical ways.


The next time that you find yourself feeling great, don’t question it and don’t resist it.  Don’t reject the great feeling state because you can think of things not working the way you want them to work.  Treat your good feelings as precursors to good things coming your way.


Your good feelings are intuitive responses to positive events moving in your direction.  Don’t ever worry about feeling too good about your life.  The better you feel the better your life.  When your heart opens with feelings of gratitude for no apparent reason give it some reasons by envisioning the wonderful conditions that you would love to happen.


When you are not feeling so great, watch your thoughts.  Keep your thoughts off of your problems.  The mind has a tendency to look for reasons to support negative feelings, like a hungry animal looks for prey to feed upon.  Deny your negativity the mental food it needs to sustain itself and grow.


Instead of letting your negativity drive your attention, drive your attention with your will.  Direct your attention to observe your feelings as you let them flow.  You let negativity go as you let negativity flow without reinforcing it with reasons to feel badly.


As you observe your feelings and let them flow stay alert to notice when you can begin to feel better.  Without paying sufficient attention to how we feel we hold onto negativity without realizing it.  Emotions flow in waves.  Even the most painful state of anxiety, anger, even hatred will soon pass if you let it. 


When your negativity passes you will find yourself naturally feeling better.  You might be tempted to resist feeling great because just a moment ago you were feeling badly, and you don’t see any change in your life to justify feeling better.


Resist the temptation to hold onto negativity, whatever your circumstances.  Let yourself feel great and your great feelings will lift your thinking above problems, into solutions, and your life will manifest around how you feel, presenting you with conditions that justify feeling great.

Bob Lancer is an inspirational speaker and life-coach/wisdom-mentor presenting transformational programs around the world, inspiring hearts, lifting spirits and opening minds to the greater possibilities of their lives. 

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