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An Amazing Way To Transform Your Life:
The Inner-Talk Life -Transformation Process


This article shares with you an amazing way that I discovered to transform my life.


To be clear, though, we constantly transform our lives though our present mood, attitude, emotional reaction and thought.


When we slip into negative emotions and thinking about what we do not want we begin transforming ouur lives into the opposite of what we want .


The moment this happens we slow down the momentum of any progress we have been making toward the outcomes we desire and begin creating more opposition, resistance and difficulty.


To minimize the negative transformational impact of your dips into the negative and to keep your life on the track of the victories your heart desires, shift out of the negative and redirect your energy into the positive as quickly as possible.


The amazing way I have discovered for making this shift quickly is to practice what I call The Inner-Talk Life-Transformation Process.  


To engage in this process respond to negative emotional reactions to what you do not want by immediately constructing silent, internal verbal statements that define conditions that you want their stead.


Let’s say that you find yourself feeling insecure about finances.  The instant you notice this disturbing emotional state silently something like, “I am so happy that I am prospering greatly.”


State this over and over, trying to feel internally the state that your statement describes, until your positive feeling literally turns the tide of the current of insecurity and you feel inner peace and faith regarding your financial situation.


Let’s say that you are feeling anxious about your health.  To apply The Inner-Talk Life-Transformation Process, begin to silently state, “I am so happy to be in totally robust health.”  Again, state this over and over until the positive feeling about your health overcomes the negative feeling of concern about it.


Every negative emotional state is a response to something that we care about that seems threatened.  Identify what it is that you feel is threatened and silently state that you feel happy about having it.


Keeping your statements silent directs the full impact of their influence toward your internal condition, moreso than if you made the statements aloud. 


The aim of this exercise is to shift your internal state from the negative to the posibive because you bring about what you think about and attract what you desire through positive emotional states like gratitude, inspiration, enthusiasm, faith, love, inner peace and joy.


If you worry about how someone may use their position of power or influence to hurt you, say over and over to yourself internally something like, “I have all the power in this situation.”  You will soon see that indeed you do.


If you find yourself feeling jealous over another’s love-life, set your emotions into a positive movement by stating silently, “My love-life is destined to be all that I desire it to be, and more.”


Your first statement of what you want is likely to be a bit general because negative emotional reactions de-focus our attention from an exact awareness of what we actually want.  We become so focused on what we don’t want that it overshadows our awareness of what we do want.


As you make your positive internal statements you will become clearer about what it is that you really want.  You can then refine your statements to more precisely define the conditions you want, and therefore better aim your energy into the manifestation of what you really desire most to happen, which hastens its manifestation.


Get yourself out of worry of any kind as soon as possible by silently stating, "I am so happy that…” completing the statement with what you want to be true about your life in the place of what you fear might happen.


I have found that using The Inner-Talk Life-Transformation Process sets the creative process in motion for coming up with miraculous solutions to problems that seem insoluble.  


For instance, during my divorce I was worried about the impact of the family's break-up upon my children’s emotional well-being.  I had no idea how to totally protect them, and I worried about it. 


Then I applied The Inner-Talk Life-Transformation Process and found my mind opening to the possibility of solutions, my heart expanding into feelings of faith, my spirit growing more self-empowered.  This shift in attitude alone was good for my kids to be exposed to.


The Inner-Talk Life-Transformation Process may seem too easy to be effective, but it’s really not that easy.  As you start paying attention to how much time you spend in negativity, you will discover that you really need to practice being aware of your thoughts and feelings all the time to achieve all that you desire and avoid as much unnecessary emotional suffering as possible.  This takes real work.  Then, on top of that, to continuously engage in The Inner-Talk Life-Transformation Process, to shift from negative to positive currents, takes even more effort.


So it is not that easy to reap all of the benefits from The Inner-Talk Life-Transformation Process, but it is well worth the effort as I find myself experiencing more joy and less sorrow, more confidence and less anxiety, and find more opportunities that I want occurinng to me.


Try The Inner-Talk Life-Transformation Process for 30 days and see for yourself.  I know you will be amazed at what you discover.

Bob Lancer is an inspirational speaker and life-coach/wisdom-mentor presenting transformational programs around the world, inspiring hearts, lifting spirits and opening minds to the greater possibilities of their lives. 

To bring Bob to your location to shift perspectives for higher, happier achievement in all areas of life, call 770-364-9580 or click here to email. 

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