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 Tao Secrets of Success

Bursting the Illusion of "bad" times 


"To Tao, the zenith is not high, the nadir is not low."  

Lao Tse, 604 B.C.


The ancient Chinese wisdom of the Tao provides us with timeless secrets for success that we can certainly apply today to help us through our present crises, and also help us to the highest levels of accomplishment that we desire.


"Tao" is a term that refers to the basic patterns of reality and the underlying, unchanging source of all that is. True success secrets teach us how to live in accord with these patterns and tap into this source to achieve the ultimate success that we desire.

Tao Secrets Of Success #1

According to the Tao, the greatest of all success secrets is to align our way of living with the Tao. Whatever else you desire to achieve in life, there is no greater goal than advancing into union with the Tao. The greatest of all success secrets is to focus more on how you are living right now, than on where you want to go in life to go.


Tao Secrets Of Success #2

Tao is the balanced, harmonious condition that all unbalanced, inharmonious conditions naturally gravitate toward.  So to struggle for success in a stressful, straining way, inharmoniously conflicting with others, is to fight against the very nature of reality. This pits you against a force you cannot overcome. The second Tao success secret is to practice maintaining your balance and harmoniously interacting with others.


Tao Secrets Of Success #3  

One pattern of Tao is the wave, causing all conditions in life to go up and down.  The economy, your relationships, your health, your happiness, all must rise and fall like your chest when you breathe. The third Tao success secret is to NOT expect either the highs or the lows to last, but to focus instead on learning how to pass through both cycles in balance and harmony.


Tao Secrets Of Success #4  

The Tao is essentially supportive. In other words, reality is basically for you, even when conditions happen against your will. As you live as closely as possible in alignment with the unchanging, balanced and harmonious state of Tao, you'll find yourself so completely supported that the so-called "bad" times turn into mental illusions that dissolve into an ever-present condition of essential good.  The fourth Tao success secret is to consistently practice trusting that all is always working out for us.


Tao Secrets Of Success #5  

Our primary goal, then, is to attain liberation from our own unbalanced, discordant way of living in conflict. As we accomplish this, the Tao of our own being connects us with the universal Tao and we can direct our lives with increasing joy, love and fulfillment. The way to achieve this is by NOT struggling against resistance. The fifth Tao success secret is to follow a steady, balanced harmonious way of gently letting go of our old unbalanced patterns.


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