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Mystery Of Manifestation Revealed:
Your Thoughts Create Your Reality


The mystery of manifestation, which is how you cause what happens to you, is burried in the unconsciousness of your own mind.


As you become more aware of your thoughts you see through the mystery of manifestation and realize that your thoughts create your reality.  Everyone is always manifesting what they think about, but the only ones who know that are those who are aware enough of what they are thinking when they are thinking. 


Joy, love, success, abundance, self-worth and meaning are manifestations of thought.  They are really nothing but thoughts, but they seem to exist in a physical dimension outside of thought as long as you are unconscious of thought.


To live in a life of meaning, joy, love, success, abundance, self-worth, great accomplishments and wonderful relationships choose thoughts that help you to experience those conditions now.  You live in the thoughts you think.


Your life feels out of control as long as your thoughts are out of your control.


Think about someone doing better than you in some area of life and you feel worse about yourself.  Think of yourself doing better than someone else in that same area and you feel better about yourself.  Think of yourself doing as well as you want to do in any area and you feel the thrill of that.  You then find yourself actually doing as well as you want in that area.


Those who disagree with this do so with a logical argument based on superficial observation of the actual facts.  Simply pay closer attention to the relationship between your thoughts, your emotional states and what happens to you in the physical world and you will see that your thoughts and feelings predict your physical world experiences.  You will find that the worse you think and feel about your life the worse your life gets and the better you think and feel about your life the better it gets.


Those who do not pay sufficient attention to experience believe that they need to have things the way they want them before they can think and feel that things are going their way.  But that never works.  You cannot make everything the way you want it for very long, and in some areas of life you may never get things the way you want them until you think and feel what you want in advance.


You can think about things going the way you want things to go, no matter how they are going.  You can get into the feeling of things going the way you want no matter what is happening.  How you think and feel about your life is a choice.  As you exercise that choice you develop mastery over your thoughts and feelings and use them as creative forces instead of thinking and feeling like a victim.


Whatever thought you give attention to grows stronger.  If you feel insecure in someone’s presence, think about feeling totally secure in that person’s presence.  Imagine yourself feeling totally secure and think about how it feels to be totally secure.  The more attention you hold on this thought the more the thought grows, and the more the feeling of security grows with it.  Then, the next time you are with that person it will be easier to feel secure.


You want to feel totally secure.  No one likes living in fear.  Fear drains life of its joy, its meaning.  It drains your life of your love.  To feel totally secure, think about feeling totally secure.  Think about living in the conditions that make you feel totally secure.  Withdraw your attention from thoughts that cause you to feel insecure.


As you hold attention on those thoughts that help you to feel better and withdraw your attention from those thoughts that make you feel worse, you will feel better, and because you will be more aware of your thoughts, you will see that your physical life-conditions end up matching the thoughts you think.


In other words, you will see through the mystery of manifestation and realize how your thoughts create your reality.

Bob Lancer is an inspirational speaker presenting transformational keynotes and seminars around the world, inspiring hearts, lifting spirits and freeing minds to conceive of the greater possibilities of life.

His specialties include helping troubled teens break the cycle of unhappiness, low self esteem and low achievement; educating parents feeling challenged by the behavior of children of all ages and stages; motivational professional development for school teachers; and powerful, positive corporate team building for revenue growth through a happier workplace.

To bring Bob to your location to shift perspectives for more positive energy, higher accomplishment and improved relationships call 770-364-9580 or click here to email. 

Bob's seminars and speaking engagements are perfect for businesses, schools, personal / spiritual growth centers, nonprofits, and conferences and conventions seeking a fresh motivational message.  
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