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Relationship Help:

Self-Empowerment Communication Tips


Relationship Help: Self-Empowerment Communication Tips

Speaking uses energy, particularly when you speak emotionally.  Silence permits your batteries to recharge, your energy level to rise.  When you feel drained, speak less or not at all.


Relationship Help: Self-Empowerment Communication Tips

Too much speaking creates mental fog. Discipline yourself to apply conscious rhythmic alternation here to maintain the high level of energy anc clarity you need to function most effectively: the rhythmic alternation between engaging in communication and resting from that effort. 


Relationship Help: Self-Empowerment Communication Tips

Doing too much of anything for too long makes it more wearing than worthwhile. Pay attention to how you feel at all times while speaking to recognize when speaking begins to wear you down or make you feel over-taxed.  When that happens, try to excuse yourself from the conversation.  If that is not possible, minimize what you say and the intensity of how you say it as much as possible.   


Relationship Help: Self-Empowerment Communication Tips

When you feel drained, fatigued, depleted you cannot speak as constructively and you become more susceptible to negative moods, attitudes and beliefs. It takes a high energy level to maintain emotional balance in the midst of our emotionally chaotic, imbalanced social world. Carefully monitor your attitude when speaking. If you begin to wax negative, diminish or end your speech.


Relationship Help: Self-Empowerment Communication Tips

The more tired you feel, the more open to subconscious suggestion you are.  This means that your are more prone to believe what you say; at the same time, in your fatigued state, you are more prone to interpret what you hear in negative ways. Engaging in conversation when you feel tired places you at greater risk of speaking vaguely, leading to misunderstandings, or drifting into negative speech that reinforces rather than dispels destructive worry. When you feel tired, be extra careful regarding the messages you express and expose yourself to.  


Relationship Help: Self-Empowerment Communication Tips


When your your energy level feels low, you can profitably expose yourself to empowering, encouraging statements to program your subconscious with positive, empowering perspectives. For instance, when you lie down to sleep at the close of the day, you might use the power of speech to affirm positive things, like, "I have faith" or "The truth sets me free" or "I trust reality" or "My great success is inevitable" or "I am love". 



Relationship Help: Self-Empowerment Communication Tips


Because our state radiates and is absorbed by those around us, the tired speaker leads the listener to feel more tired, making the listener less capable of adequately receiving the intended message.  When your listener appears to be tired, speak minimally, and not about terribly important matters, because weariness befogs the mind and makes unbalanced emotional interpretations and reactions more difficult to control.


Relationship Help: Self-Empowerment Communication Tips


Positive talk can enthuse, inspire and empower.  Negative talk drains one of morale and motivation. Closely monitor the subject matter of your speaking and listening.  If the topic discourages or causes anxiety, you are probably better off not talking about it.  Just because something may be true does not necessarily make it worthy of conversation in the present.


Relationship Help: Self-Empowerment Communication Tips


Silence protects important dreams.  It incubates them until they are hardy enough to withstand the critiques of the world. Be careful about who you share your hopes with. Another's negative attitude can steal your drove to make your dream come true.  


Relationship Help: Self-Empowerment Communication Tips  


Silence also preserves your power to translate a desire into action.  Talking too much about what you intend to do depletes the motivation you need to actually do it.  Avoid talking yourself out of the inspiration you need to actually do what must be done.


For more relationship help, including self-empowerment communication tips, listen to Bob Lancer's CD recording: Conscious Communication Power. And for communication tips that help you to avoid mentally talking yourself out of happy success, read Bob's book, Lighten Up!




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