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The Perfection Of Life

Can You Guess What It Is?


It defines the perfection of life.

It never ends or leaves; it is always here.

It is never diminished and never added; it is always full, complete, and perfect.

No one can withhold it from you, because it is the nature of existence to constantly give it to you in full measure.

You cannot even withhold it from yourself, for it is in the very power of your withholding; it is the true nature of all the power there is.

You can feel it expanding without limits.

There is nothing more that you need, because from it flows to you all you need all the time.

Hatred is its best disguise; but you can see through the eyes of the mask to recognize it hiding even there.

It’s all you ever feel no matter what you feel, because it is the essential energy in feeling.

Sadness is a symptom of resisting it, an indication that you are trying to control things in order to get it, while it is already present.  

Joy is a symptom of letting your self feel it.

You experience the loss of it when you live in a belief in its loss. 

Even when someone has taken on the appearance of no longer expressing it for you, it always comes from everyone, and you can feel it if you let yourself. 

You can feel it in all its fullness during times of deepest suffering to release your highest joy. 

Feelings of heartache and heartbreak mean that you have gotten caught up in a thought-dream, an imagination-drama, in which it is being taken from you.  But it is the ever-present condition of the universe.  

Knowing it is really all there is you can fully surrender to whatever will be and relax into the joy of it. 

Anyone can leave you or reject you and that in no way takes any of it from you.  

The more you let yourself feel it the more your circumstances reflect it through glorious abundance in your life.  

You can live in the feeling of its presence or imagine it is absent or fleeting or unreliable or hard to come by.  

You send it to all and feel that it is the way you are felt about by all.  

It’s how the whole universe, all that is, feels about you.

It’s the way you feel about your self, even when you are not aware of it.  

Every breath you take fills you with the Divine Energy of it.  

It’s the true quality and function of every sensation that you experience.  

Whatever happens is a form of it working in your life.  

It is what God’s Infinite Power expresses in Its Perfect Care of you.  

It defines the perfection of life.

Can you guess what it is?  

It is LOVE.

For an inspirational keynote, talk, seminar or coaching session on the perfection of life, email me to set up a time to discuss your interests over the phone. I travel world-wide presenting this transformative message, helping people live it.  
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