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14 Keys For Life-Balance



1. Life-balance is the foundation for success. An unbalanced life, like an unbalanced building, tends toward collapse the higher it rises.


2. When you sense yourself feeling unbalanced, meaning tired, discouraged, anxious, angry or overly excited or intense, make it your first priority to return to balance. A person in an unbalanced state generates chaos and conflict. He lacks self-control and creates a life that spins increasingly out of control.


3. Characteristics of an unbalanced state include feelings of fatigue, irritation, impatience, disappointment, nervous excitement, anxiety, discouragement, worthlessness and despair. When you notice yourself experiencing any of these avoid the common mistake of blaming others. The problem is that you have lost your balance; the solution is to regain it before trying to "fix" your life.


4. An unbalanced state produces illness, causes accidents, creates interpersonal clashes - all of this lowers one's performance and results in all areas of life, including financial, parenting and marriage. Through balanced living you empower yourself to create the life you want to be living.


5. Balanced living means something different for each individual. It involves spending enough time in nature, in the city, indoors, outdoors, socializing, in solitude, with your family, at work, playing, resting, exercising, etc. You know you are experiencing life-balance with you feel at peace, in joy, inspired.


6. An unbalanced state attunes the mind to unbalanced thinking, effectively blocking the mind from constructive insights, ideas and solutions. Before attempting to fix, improve or control any person or situation focus first on regaining your balance. You can return to balanced living before you take action to control or direct your circumstances by simply observing how you feel as you breathe the way you imagine you would breathe in a calm state of confidence and contentment. This will gradually lead you into what you need to do, or stop doing, for life-balance.


7. In a balanced state you can appreciate and enjoy the experience of being alive right now, so driving yourself so hard to control your life that you lose this joy indicates a slide into unbalance and out of balanced living.


8. Life-balance promotes a balanced mental state. A balanced mental state is sharp and clear. You can focus a balanced mind on goals and on how to achieve them. A balanced mind is free from worry, not busy with a whirl of trivial thinking, not burdened by painful memories.


10. A balanced emotional state means that you feel genuinely content, secure, serene and caring in the now. An unbalanced emotional state radiates its chaotic influence, which can cause others to lose their emotional balance. An unbalanced emotional state makes it impossible to sense what you need for life-balance


11.A balanced physical state means that you feel rested, vibrant, relaxed and ready for action. An unbalanced physical state means that you feel drained of energy. Your body tells you when you need to rest, eat, drink, or exercise for life-balance. Pay attention to the subtle signals that indicate your body's guidance.


12. A balanced person naturally influences those with whom he/she relates in a way that promotes their balance (this is particularly true in the parent-child relationship, and in a marriage, because those relationships are so intimate.) When you feel balanced you have the clearest sense of how to succeed with life-balance.


13. Rush is the fastest and easist way to depart from balanced living.  Rush produces a state of physical and emotional stress that generates physical illness, emotionally unbalanced reactions, and mental confusion. Make it your priority to live 99% rush-free every day for life-balance.


14. Make balanced living your goal. Life balance is both the powerful, positive way to accomplish your goals, and an essential goal in and of itself to commit to.


Find your path to life balance through Bob Lancer's wisdom book, Lighten Up!. Learn how to release yourself from the unbalanced thought and emotional patterns that prevent you from succeeding with beautiful life balance. 



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