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Don’t Look For Signs

Looking for signs is like looking for a con-artist to inspire you into a set-up.


There are no signs that your success is coming, that you are on the brink of manifesting your first million, that your true love is on the way.  It doesn’t matter what song is playing on the radio, what number you notice on your digital clock, what bogus offer you receive in your junk mail.  There are no signs of anything beyond your current level of consciousness.


The sign that indicates your current level of consciousness is the level of consciousness of the people you find in your work and social circles.  They reflect your level.  If they are boorish, closed-minded, judgmental, pessimistic, argumentative, gossipy, impoverished, disappointed, inconsiderate, combative, and complaint-oriented you can view that as a mirror reflection of your own internal make-up.  If the people in your life seem kind, caring, generous, accomplished, positive, optimistic, forgiving, prosperous, talented, and self-aware you have achieved a similar level of consciousness yourself.


Those who look for signs to feel encouraged that they are on the way to where they want to be are like someone who tries to feed himself on the word “vegetable” written on a piece of paper.  They are looking for hope, encouragement and enthusiasm from a promise.  This is like getting excited about a contract in business that no one has yet to sign, or a check that you received that you have not yet determined to be real rather than rubber.


Those who look for signs are demonstrating weak dependency, desperation, and self-delusional gullibility.  You don’t need signs.  To the extent that you feel emotionally balanced, at peace with the way things are, and follow your joyful path of satisfying action you are already a success, you have already arrived.  Expecting your fortune to come from outside of you, from a lover, a buyer, a gifter, or a lottery ticket is like counting on someone else to do your breathing for you.  You have to breathe air into your own lungs or remain alive through an external means of life-support.  All external forms of support are artificial.  There is no joy in them, for joy comes from the full expression of your powers in line with your values.  


You don’t need a sign that things are going to work out for you because that is all things ever really do.  Wherever you are is where you belong.  It is here that you get to meet life head-on, with an open heart and a creative mind and a spirit that is undaunted.  There is no Easy Street beyond the amount of ease you allow yourself as you meet your daily tasks and challenges, whatever those tasks and challenges might be.


Counting on a sign for your happiness is like counting on a pretty face for love, a diploma for intelligence, a sharp business suit for integrity.  You can use physical landmarks to tell you how close you are to your physical destination, but even these do not really indicate your future.  We never know what the next moment brings.  Getting excited or depressed about what you interpret as a sign for what is coming is living in a fantasy world, counting on appearances, judging books by their covers.  You are being manipulated by your own advertising scheme!


Why do able human beings look for signs?  They lack confidence.  They feel insecure.  They worry in the face of uncertainty.  Why not strive to master those inner conditions of weakness instead of looking for a symbolic crutch to lean on?  You have nothing to fear, nothing to worry about.  You have nothing to hope for because you really are being presented, right now, with a rich full life.  It is what you do with your life now that determines the quality of your experience of it.  You can be at peace, fulfilled, content, inspired, in love right now.  Whatever external source of those inner feelings that you count on will leave you disappointed.  You cannot get from another what you deprive yourself of, and you cannot receive from external conditions the peace, love, joy, satisfaction, fulfillment and ecstasy that you cannot find within yourself right now.


Your hope for the future translates into the experience of lack in the present.  Going into your imagination to produce future scenarios that incite your longing to be there distracts you from the work you have before you right now, which includes freeing yourself from any way that you interpret your life that brings you disappointment and fear.


Your mind creates your disasters.  There is no disaster outside of the mind that conceives of circumstances in that imaginative way.  Until you see this for yourself through examining your mind and its effects upon your feelings, you confuse a painting on the wall of your mind with the window of awareness through which you see infinite, undefinable reality.  Work on clearing your mind from ways of conceiving circumstances that you would prefer to not give birth to and you will see the folly and the needlessness of looking for signs.


Those who consult oracles of any kind to tell them of their future are, in that act, creating a future disappointment.  Oracles have their place, as guides in the present.  Seek wisdom and understanding for handling what is before you rather than the pabulum of possibilities that you hope will rescue you from the constant flow of challenge that face you in this world.  That flow is giving you the opportunity to make more of yourself, to release yourself from the disempowering inner patterns that plague you with fear.


Your life is the manifestation of your feelings, actions, speech and thoughts.  Master those and you need no sign.  Looking for signs is seeking a con job, and it indicates one vulnerable to con-artists, to self-delusion, and to continual dependency.  Don’t react to imaginary interpretations of what may be.  Be free of need right where you are.


Achieving release from the false beliefs in dependency that prevent you from accessing your full power, joy and creativity requires the support of expert coaching to make the most progress as consistently and quickly as possible.  Contact me to learn more about my phone-coaching that has assisted hundreds of individuals achieve liberation from disempowering emotions and mindsets.  

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