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Your Secret Key To Higher Success


There really is a secret key to achieve a higher level of success, whatever your current life situation happens to be.  To uncover this secret, let’s begin with a simple question.


Have you ever wondered why you are not more successful than you are?


The answer is so obvious that it’s easily overlooked:


No one is more successful than they are!


Another way of saying this is that you are presently as successful as you know how to be.


Now, if you are wondering how you can be more successful, the answer to this question may be just as surprising, if not as obvious, as the answer to the previous question.


How you can be more successful is by acknowledging the fact that you don’t know how!  If you knew how to be more successful, however you define success, you would be.


How can acknowledging the fact that you are clueless about how to achieve a higher level of success be your key to reaching that higher level?


Here is the key you can always count on:


When you really accept that you don’t know what you need to know you receive a higher level of knowledge.


To put this key to work for you, begin by defining to yourself exactly what kind of success you want to increase.  It is more than likely your degree of monetary success is high on your list, but maybe you want to reach more people, to help more people, to help people at a deeper level, to express a higher level of talent, to have more positive and uplifting relationships, to live in more natural splendor or cultural stimulation.


Whatever the form of success that you want more of, realize that you are currently achieving all the success in that area that you know how to achieve.  You have to know something that you don’t presently know to do something different, or to do the same thing differently, to achieve a higher level of success in this area.


The next step is to actually experience your cluelessness about what you should do.  To experience this state pure ignorance takes you to the very core of your being, where you really know that you don’t know what to do; where you touch the actual limits of your knowledge, wisdom and understanding.  


Arriving here means you have arrived at the brink of a higher insight.


When you have this experience of not-knowing you receive a higher level of knowing.


There are more steps to this powerful, liberating process.


Take the next step by opening your mind and heart to a vision and a feeling of the experience of higher success you desire.  You might imagine yourself at the income level that you want to be at.  Include with this the sense of inspiration you want to feel in the abundant giving of your abilities in the achievement of this goal.


Then, let that vision go.  You have articulated your prayer, as it were, to that higher level of consciousness that knows how to produce whatever it is that you might desire.


The final step is to let go of the fear that causes you to resist where you are.  


What are you afraid will happen if you don’t rise to a higher level?   As long as you contain that fear you also contain yourself in that fear. 


You have to lose your fearful resistance toward what may happen to lose your attachment to your current level of success.


You cannot rise to a higher level of success without letting go of the level of success you are on.  Your current level is defined and limited by the worry-thoughts of failure that keep you feeling trapped where you are.


True success can be defined as losing something very specific.  Can you guess what that is?  It’s fear, fear of what may happen, fear of what reality may do to you.


Think about why it is that you really want to be more successful in any area of life.   Is it not to protect yourself from something you are afraid of?  And isn’t it true that no matter how successful you become in any area of life that you do not have the power to prevent it from being taken away from you in an instant?


You want what you want to satisfy your want to be free from fear.  You want to be able to trust yourself and to trust reality, come what may.  You want liberation from enslavement to fear.


To achieve this higher level of success empowers you to achieve a higher level of success in all other areas.  The courage, confidence and daring that it delivers lifts you above all challenge and adversity.  It literally magnetizes you to higher levels of relationship and accomplishment.


So the really big question is, how do you achieve this higher level of true success?  The answer to this question once again is as surprising as it is obvious.  Accept where you are without worrying about where you may be heading.  Stop comparing your level of success to ideas of higher success.  Realize that where you are is just right for you right now.  


To face the challenges that arrive where you are without fear, but rather with trust and confidence, is really the key to being transformed by life itself to rise to the next higher level of success in any area of life that you desire it.


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